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Night shoot (no flash) Help!

im trying to work out how to use my camara at the moment but im getting so much iso noise whatever i do, what am i doing wrong?

this is with a slow shutter speed and iso 600 i think, on a tripod, is it my camera thats the problem of is it just my inexperience
  E36 328
Lol, just noticed my post isnt very constructive.

Um, i dont know much about photography but that iso is quite high and its probably because its a bridge camera, i doubt a dslr would have that kind of grain
  DCi 100
Make sure the lense is clean, focus it up, whack the iso right down then put the shutter speed on silly slow and go from there to get the right light balance, see how it goes.
Long shutter speed, low iso and tripod (plus put it on timer so you get no shake at all). Try different times form 10 secs to 20 secs.