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Nitrous or Cams

right, thinking about the next mod. Its either gonna be Nitrous or Cams.

Cams, like this idea because it seems a lot safer than nitrous, i can have my cambelt changed at same time(my cars done hardly any miles but it is 8years old so dont really fancy the risk of it giving up) plus the power is always there rather than N2O
Nitrous, ridicuolous power for peanuts, but the big question is, will it kill my engine? Obviously, blowing my beast up is a big concern to me but the power gains are very tempting!
Basically got a few questions and would like to know other peoples views. what sort of power gains could i see with cams? which ones should i go for etc? also has anyone had either of these mods done to their 16Valvers? I am looking to spend £1500, all views would be much appreciated
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197

Basically for £1500 you can get complete stage 2 work done including you cam belt, head modified, pulleys, chip, and cams. Not so much bhp as nitro but alot safer and remember the cost of filling a Nitro bottle is about £40 a go, and they dont last long.


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  Seat Leon Cupra

Just a major point, £1420 PLUS VAT. = £1668.50 Its a wee bit cheaper than Hill Power i think, and BB have a rolling road on site, always good. Hill Power do great work too though.

Nitrous - Get a progressive controller a PBV and an air fuel ratio meter, as long as youre fuelling right and its delivered at the correct RPM there shouldnt be a problem. As for using it lots - see if you can get hold of medical grade nitrous, i know i can ;) mmmm free refils.

Ill have a stage 2 engine on Saturday so Ill let you know the before and after BHP. Plus if your cambelt needs changing its a good option to go for.

Nitrous anyday..... you could have 75bhp + on a progressive controller.... Installed right there is no problem with it

cams cams cams go cams seeing as its x-mas get in touch and il sort you a deal on cams pbv pulleys and a belt and buckets thanks john

im already at stage one with hp chip plus with my Cliosport membership it should work out cheaper at HP rather than BB? will BB set it all up on RR or will i have to get it dyno tuned at a later date as with the HP one?
  BMW 320d Sport

Well Cliosport members get discount at pretty much every tuner that matters - so that means Hill Power and BB Tuning will both give you a discount. But its down to you who is more convenient or who you want to use. Both know their stuff.

Seeing as Ive had both cams and nitrous at the same time (and now Coolspot is getting the same!) Id say cams are a good option but not a lot of power for your money, however the powers always there. Nitrous gives you stupid amounts of power but you have to be careful to set it up right with a controller and it does cost to keep filling the bottle. Still, its good for occasional blasts. Best bet is to have both!

Cams arent illegal, nitrous is. It also isnt good for the life of your engine and gearbox, even with a progressive controller. It maybe cool because of the fast and the furious but spending extra money on cams would be the better choice. Id go for BB tuning.

Nitrous is not illegal either Rob... The engine does not get damaged anymore than it would with Cams etc.... Nitrous is SAFE these days

steve, sorry fella, i love nos, and want it but it is illegal.

i work as a barristers clerk, and also have many copper mates, the whole set up is fine, all legal, but if they catch you with a hooked up bottle of nos, they can do you.

danger and sh*t! if you crash its more to blow up

Thats not what i have heard... Your allowed to carry gas bottles as long as you put the right sticker on you car..... If it was illegal then you wouldnt be allowed LPG bottle in your boot. Trust me its fine to have N20 I have spoken to many people about it just have to be installed right, have a warning sticker and be insured!!!

hahahah yeah that one and another saying presurised gas... the same type of sticker as the one you have to have for LPG I think....

Could you do that on your numberplate, like the little writing underneath the main numbers/letters cos the sticker sounds gay

Dunno.... Your have to ask on they will know... hey I would put up with a window sticker saying presurised gas if it ment I would have 250 Bhp at the press of a button for 10 seconds!!!! Cams spams... would be nice but nitrous is mental, I was in a RS turbo that had it and could not believe it.!!
  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

My Clio has piper cams, and it doesnt honestly feel much quicker then standard, think it needs setting up a bit, and probably a PBV............

well, iif you get cames, tehre is no point going for a slightly wilder might aswell go teh whole hog or youll have to rip it aprt again to do teh other parts.

so, lumpy cams, then add new guides and double springs, retainers, a little machining, gaskets,, vernier pulleys, cheking timing, piston clearance, fueling...RR time adds up dead fast! adn if you dont set it up right, youll dend some valves whichll wreck the head and cost loads more as youll probably scuff the cam at teh same changing safe!?.........well yes, when done properly.....same with N20..

N20, 450 damage when setup right....end of story

a cam will probably give you less than 10bhp alone in a straight swap.....boring.

Dannyboy - What exactly is the criminal offence that is committed by a person with a nitrous system hooked up in their road-going car?

The only one I can think of is "Driving without insurance" if the nitrous was not declared and covered on the policy associated with the car, apart from that I see nothing illegal about it at all - Id love to know what the offence could be (and any previous cases would be good too)

As for it blowing up, well, it isnt an explosive, so I seriously doubt it, unless it is in an environment which is at very high pressures and very high temperatures anyway..... but even then only if there is a source of iginition, nitrogen is a very stable gas.


:D Gas it Up :D

yup, itl only really blow as the result of high temps increasing bottle pressure....and its is stable....but everything will burn one a high enough temp is reached.

and i dont know of any offecnce..........i got N20