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No locking wheel nut key!

My 197 has 2 locking nuts on the back and none on the front.
I haven't had the car long but the car is needing new rear pads and tyres!

The locking key isn't to be found anywhere, so I guess the previous owner had broke it.

What's the easiest/ most non-destructive way of removing the locking nuts??

Spot weld another on top?
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was at my mates garage the other day and a car had the same problem, he tried heating it slightly then banged a different key in the top but it was done up to tight and bent it. so he used a blow torch lol not sure how it worked (weather it just melted or whatever, no idea) but it came out


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Screwfix, buy a locking wheel nut removal kit.

I think it's screwfix anyway.
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Try going to a Renault dealer, they should have a number of clios on the forecourt that all should have locking wheel nuts on.

You will find they only make 4-5 different types of Nut and Ket for each make/model of car. If they are feeling nice they may let you try a couple just to get the nuts off and then replace them with non locking nuts.

Or go to the local meet off here and ask the guys with 197's can you try there key.

Other than that we normally weld on the head of a std wheel nut. then undo as per normal.
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if you find a socket which just about fits over it, hit it pretty hard with a hammer untill it is well and truly on then attach a breaker bar to it and twist it off

doesnt cause damage to the lock nut either
The locking nut is a triangle shape in the middle with a round outer so no chance of hitting a socket over!

Im hopefully getting it looked at tomorrow.