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No power/lack of response when first turned on

  Clio 172
Right, this happens very rarely so didn't think about making a post untill it happened today.

What happens is, I start the car and the idle is instantly really low and lumpy, dumping the accelerator does nothing, as in engine doesn even rev it just stalls eventually (if I rev it or not), I restart it, it might do it again, or it might not.

This could be related of course. I had a throttle body fault, when the throttle body was opened 100%, or at least when you pushed it past the "speed limiter" switch on the pedal, the heartbeat came on, engine on or off. Also, the car fuel surges/limits? At 5.5k, untill the temp gauge reaches bang on half way.

Don't need diagnostic for all of them; just mainly for the rough start! If someone can help I'd appreciate it

Thanks a lot