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no way on this earth vts has 120 bhp!

  mk2 172

just been out doing a couple of 0-100 vids, well, 0-98 vids, and quite frankly its shocking, the road is ever so slightly UP HILL but not enough to warrant me not doing it there as its the only place i could do it reasonably safely, bear in mind its winter, im driving on my own in a totally standard load vts showing only 277 miles trying to control a camera, launch on change gear, and it aint easy, the result?????? well its just under 20 seconds. i have a vid but im just toying now to get a decent file size. so surely it pumps out more than citroen would have you believe, or do i just make them wanna go faster:D, cant wait to try it on a proper flat

anyways, anyone wanna host it??????



What were you using to time yourself mate?

Try doing a 0-60 run, ill bet youll conince yourself the it will do it in around 7 secs! - Believe me mate - timing yourself never works!!

That looks pretty quick Craggy. Just worried about my VTS not running right, your gear changes seem to be dropping you right into the sweet spot of 5000rpm, when I change at 7000rpm+ it drops me to 4500, so I hit a small flat spot as the car come off cam :(

Ill have to get mine checked out.

sorry to say it mate, but those dials look like the thing you get in fisher price pedal cars., and it sounds like the cars about to fall apart!

fun all the same! haha
  H22A7 Accord Type R pretty impressed matey! Having Driven a quick VTR, its pretty cool how fast those needles are climbing lol!!!!! Ah, back to my 1.2
  TT 225

Ive driven a tuned VTS (152 bhp) and omg did that shift. Thing is with the Saxo it feels like youre going faster than you actually are.

Still, go Craggy! hehehe. Saxo was built to rag and have fun in, I know I did in mine :)

pointless , but true. Anyway you did the same!!

ok, saxos are driven by dicks, the newer ones have ugly noses and theres millions of them around. Theres only one french manufacturer for me :)

not all driven by dicks....

some are bought by actual enthusiasts, but the majority by young drivers who can afford bang for the buck./...nowt wrong with the car.
  mk2 172

im not a dick:D, although i know what yous meant, i used to hate them, never had a rason really, just did cos they were the enemy:devilish:, then i drove one and i fit my needs to a T.

VTS is great. My mate has one and weve done a few track days together when I had the Integra. Brilliant on track. I have nothing negative to say about them. Im glad there are reasonably priced sports cars for people who arent fortunate enough to be able to buy the serious hardware.:)

Get an AP22 for Xmas, Craggy, you know it makes sense!
  mk2 172

ben, that noise is the camera banging about on the wheel as it goes over the cats eyes!

( i was having trouble staying in the right bit of the road)
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

I make that 21.4 secs!!!

Used some video editing software to cut the film from the point you started to the point the vid stoped 21.4 (to 1dp)
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Good going.

Personally I like the saxo VTS, but they do tend to be driven by motorsport idiots a lot of the time, but are an excellent car for the money, interior is a bit out-of-date though.

Looks good, although in my experience saxo speedos are quite optimistic compared to renault. my mates saxo vts reads about 5mph more then mine at about 105, well i passed him and my clock read 105 and he said his was about 110!! (on private ground of course;)).

having said that i am always well impressed with the performance and especially the handling, when im in it, feels like a go-cart. was contemplating getting one with the no vat and free insurance sounding very tempting!!
  williams and trophy

hehe craggy mate go ooooonn

they about the same as a valver speedwise in my books. i know i raced a few of em in my old un and that werent slow. standard 1s were slightly behind the valver but tweeked 1s caused me real problems...........well i was running standard. lol

just been outdragged by a fukkin astra gsi......................

my excuse...... i had £300 worth of food shoppin in the boot the road was wet i was 2 up him 1 and i got nothing but wheelspin in 1st 2nd and 3rd.

came home dumped the shoppin an went lookin for him but dint find him.....not happy now lol

keep up the good work mate
  BMW 320d Sport

well when you come down to Southend bring the video camera mate and Ill do the filming, you do the driving, then well get some proper timing done, just like remember when no-one believed your Willy was that fast, then you took me round Donny on a few flying laps in it.

Then you can take the camera and get the footage in my Clio, do a bit of 0-100 and top speed challenge.
  mk2 172

cheers jon:), how could you mate!! find him now!, how much were you behind then, di you reel him in in true 2 live fashion or were you gutted like a fish lol
  mk2 172

nick mate i wanna come to saafend asap!, love the coastal areas, especially south shields, no doubt south end is a gr8 place too, dying to see ur clio in its latest turbo guise in action!, also be nice to watch it piss on a saxo lol
  williams and trophy

lol couldnt really hammer it cos of traffic etc but yeah he got grip i dint ........... wot can i say?

next time i see him he wont be anywhere near me lol

so wens the tub ready to roll nick mate? bet ya cant wait eh


looks kinda quick mate,does ssem the needles shoots round rather quickly

is your car blue, blue go faster u know