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Not happy at all!!!!!!!

  172 Cup

As if i wasnt annoyed in my other post "Do Renault trying to p!ss you off??" i am now going to personally kill some-one at Renault Sutton Park!

I went to pick my car up at 5.30pm, some 6 hours after they said it was ready to collect and suprise it wasnt. So after being kept waiting in a room like an oven , tired, hungry and pissed off I finally get my car back.

Driving off the car park I notice that the passenger mirror has been pushed in against the passenger window. No major probem - I lean across and push it back out. So as i drive home i am thinking that the car feels strange, very unwilling to pick up the revs and the brakes felt uneasy.

Only when I get home have i noticed a 5ft scratch down the passenger side of the car and on the colour coded door strip the paint has been taken off in 3 places exposing the white underneath!!

Now either i did this and simply didnt notice during a 3 mile journey ( dont think so) or some t**t at Renault has done it. I made a point of mentioning that I knew how many miles the car had done hoping this would put them off driving it and fair enough when I collected it there wasnt a single mile added. Do you think they would be stupid enough to thrash it for so many miles and then plug in the comp and take them off again??

So to rant on but its only 5 months old and was in perfect condition at 8.30am this morning!!!!!!!
  172 Cup

I know should have checked it at Renault but its been 29degs all day in Brum and after being kept waiting in the heat I just wanted to get home!

Will let my old man argue the toss with Renault tomorrow, handy having a lawyer in the family!

Griff - sorry to hear this - hope you get it sorted satisfactorily - I think if it had been mine somebody would be in physical pain by now


  Shiny red R32

Sorry about your paintwork Griff.

A lesson to everyone - dont take your car away from the dealer until you have walked all around it and checked the paintwork. Was it a windy day in Brum? If so maybe someone in another car parked alongside yours, had let their door blow wide open into the side of yours Griff. Why was your mirror pushed in? Was it done at the same time as the damage?

Hope you get it sorted out.
  172 Cup

Thanks Kathy and GR. Its not a car door as the main scratch starts just behind the headlight and goes all the way down the side of the car!

Will see what they say tomorrow. I thought it was odd that they insisted on bringing the car to me rather than let me walk to it myself.

Gutted mate. At least your old man can try and get them to sort it out (and compensate you for the grief I wouldve thought too).

I cant understand how dealers can be so sh1t yet think theyll get away with it. w*nkers.

  silver valver/hybrid

griff, ive only been to the Sutton park renault once, and i must say was not impressed at all, i was looking to buy a clio rt, and they didnt seem interested at all, couldnt have been quicker shoving me out the door, i ended up going to Renault Stafford (moss pit garage) and they were much better, i here Wolverhampton is pretty good too.


  Shiny red R32

Some of these dealers will have to start being more customer friendly pretty soon, because it wont just be Renault selling Renaults or Peugeot selling Peugeots etc, because from October, all garages will be able to sell whatever make of car they like.

Also, you dont have to take your car to the main dealer to be serviced, any garage can service and repair your car, and warranties will not be affected, which is completely the opposite to what these frightened dealers tell their customers, because they will lose out.
  mk2 172

must admit my local renaukt dealer (reg vardy) bend over backwards to help you, plus as a result of my crash and very frequent visits im pretty pally with a lot of em and get substantial discounts.



  Shiny red R32

A good friend of ours owns one of the good local garages and they service loads of new cars at half the hourly rate of main dealers.

Personally I think that dealer stamps arent as important as some people thought they once were, because most independents are head and shoulders above these dealers and most would trust them rather than the main dealers, who Quentin Wilson calls Ali Baba and the 40 thieves!


Is that Reg Vardys in Sheffield? - I think theyre pretty good overall too: I bought my car from them a couple of years ago... Whenever theyve f*cked up theyve had the balls to admit it and get the problem sorted, which is a lot better than the other garages Ive been to that damage things and pretend they were like that when you drove in.

I ended up with the quality assurance guy providing an inspection before and after any work was carried out because I got arsey with them once about them damaging trims etc. Maybe anyone else who is overly picky (like me) could ask for similar to be done before agreeing to leave the car with their dealer?

  172 sport,

i have mine inspected too as last time they done a rim & tyre and a dent in the door but if you keep telling them it wasn,t like it when you left it they will do it just wait for them to contradict themselves and you have em i argued for over an hour about the wheel & tyre as i hadn,t noticed iy on collection and the manager said they check them before they work on them to see if there is anything dangerously wrong and for previous damage then i had him coz they never told me my o/s front tyre had a split in it from the tread to the rim right through the cords aswell so i gave it the biggen abaat it being unsafe and they hadn,t told me as they knew they had done it and he gave up and replaced it even gave me new lockers as they tried to get them off to change the wheel but i had the socket hidden in the car so they mashed them up too trying to get it off just stand yer ground and they will give in as they do know they done it hope this helps m8
  mk2 172

no mate, mine is vardys in doncaster, probably under similar management though if not the same area manager or whatever they have.

  Lionel Richie

sounds like a delivery van or another car has hit your car, get renault to check their security cameras, moan like a girl whos lost her make-up, its the only way youll get anything out of them!!!! (if the car park is anything like solihull renault i could see how another car has hit you)
  172 Cup

No Kathy. They didnt want to know at all. Guess it an expensive lesson to learn about checking your car before you leave.

Can probably get the scratches out in the paint, probably end up replacing the side strip though.