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Not Happy Car failed its MOT.

Bloody french cars..............

Failed its mot today on the following:

Upper Stop lamp not working (1.3.2a)

Hazard warning switch faulty (1.5.A4c)

Nearside front constant velocity joint gaiter insecurely mounted to its housing (2.5.c.1a)

How much do you think this little lot would cost to put right,
Unbeliveably its a Renault Specialist who tested and said at first the upper brake light just needed the bulb replacing so I said go ahead, 20 minutes later I get a call to tell me 'sorry sir its the unit thats failed and its led based'.................well even I knew that but I wasn't going to tell him.

Renault Specialist my arse!!!!!

Rant over!
  Honda civic ep2 05
my hazard light switch was faulty would not turn of again, i purchased a new one of ebay for £12 seemed fair price and changed it my self wasnt hard.
Sorry but have no idea about the rest.
hope you get sorted mate.