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NSX Sneak Peek!

2011 is going to sound a lot better!


As you can see, runs on electricity too ;)


ClioSport Club Member
  Megane 250
Lol at runs on 'leccy :D

Looks epic mate, and I don't like that word!
Not sure on specs, i don't think its close to being dynoed just yet. I think the builders are aiming for 400bhp without stroking it. The power may be artificially pegged back to suit power-to-weight rules of the class. Could have done that on a single TB, but it means we have potential for 450bhp+ in the future.

The builders managed to get 500bhp out of the Nissan 350z lump for use in Dallara single seaters so potentially could be in that region!


ClioSport Club Member
  Mini GP1, Clio 182
That should sound pretty damn good... video's required when its back together!
  Lotus Elise
nope, no servo or abs either ;) mans car! It was only my third race weekend so I was a novice to say the least :D
Even though there's back seats available??

You northern lot are odd.

Rob, watch out, you've got an impersonator hanging about.

I thought the "+" after the quoted power on his 200 was because WarrenG rolled with his back seats down?
Flol! I'm told that would make it lighter? BRB

More internally aerodynamic, boy. Get it right.

Fenn, are there restrictions in place for just engine power output in the races you enter? Or is a bhp/ton limit, taking into account the weight of the car etc?
Yeah, classes are determined by power to weight figures. The car is light, relatively speaking, so doesn't need a huge amount of power. It will only need 380bhp i believe. The year after, we will move up a class and it will be stroked to a 3.5 to make the power.