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NTL with Wireless lappy?

Hey ppl,
I'm after a little help please. Basically, cany anyone give a little detail of how to connect up and configure a laptop onto NTL cable broadband via the NTL modem and a Linksys Router. I am a little confused about the configs. When putting the NTL software on the laptop (if I eed to), do I also need to enter the u/name and p/word into the router config or does the cable modem take care of this? Also, NTL gave me a PIN number, would this be needed for the router?

Cheers or any help,
If you can use your modem wired, and your laptop already has a wireless network connection then it should be largely plug and play.

I use my wireless lappy with a belkin router into my NTL modem (also wired to TheBeast2). No software was needed at all, despite what Belkin claim. You should be able to connect up no probs. Then login to the routers IP address via Internet explorer (if you like s**t browsers) and then configure the security.

NB. No you dont need any NTL software at all.
ive never installed any of ntls software.. dont want that s**t clogging up my computer!

i have a linksys router plugged into the NTL modem, then 2 computers wired to the modem, and my laptop on its built in wireless capability

it really was so simple to do. took a couple of mins setting the security up (wpa keys)
Ok cool. thanks ppl. Seems like a straight forward job. The laptop is the only computer in the house so I guess I will be configuring it wired for the first time then when all encryption is working etc just connect wirelessly. OK, so just plug the NTL modem into the Router via ethernet and then config secuirty.....wish me luck ;)
when my laptops on its desk in my room i just plug the ethernet in anyway..

seems more reliable than wireless.