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nut behind drive shaft gaitor- HELP !!!!!!

im replacing the passenger side drive shaft oil gator seal, ive been told there is a nut which i need to tighten as i have a whirring noise
where is this nut,
i have the drive shaft out already !!!

please help me cos i dont wanna buy a new gear box if it fcuks up
  Williams 2, STi N12

It was me that told you to tighten it up, but check if it loose first!!

Remove the road wheel etc.. and knock out the pin that holds the drive shaft to the stub shaft, 5mm i think. Now slide off driveshaft and support it to stop the CV boot over-stretching and splitting. Make sure your gearbox is drained before removing the seal. Now remove seal..shine torch inside the gap and you will see it..check for tightness is loose tighten it up. Once tight fit new seal and oil and connect everything up as before...easy.
  Williams 2, STi N12

So you got it all back together then?? Has the whirring noise gone??

Hope it is OK now. Happy motoring.

i thought there was a nut, but wasnt sure,
i got a bit worried when i thought i couldnt find it, and as i was at work i couldnt look,
i now know that there isnt one so its all sweet, ive re assembled the gaitor and my dad will be fitting it on the car tomorrow,
ive got the right grade of oil now so its looking good.

thank you for your help !!
cheers guys