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NW Meet pics.

Hi, nice to see you all there ! Heres a few of the pics, much reduced in size so anyone let me know if they want bigger copies. Didnt quite get everyones, sorry, got the camera out a bit late. Also Im sure everybody wanted to see a pic of Adis sparkly sub ! Didnt get / remember everyones names, so youll have to own up to whos is what.

LOL @ 172Rob ....the spank bank you cracked me up. Damn, seeing your wheels might cost me !

Also 2Live toasting me, bouncing off the limiter heading towards a GATSO !


Mine & 172Robs 172s

Adis 16v

172Robs again

2lives Williams

Bruns Clio


172Robs (..again)
  BMW 335i M-Sport

wicked pics. 17 inch oz super t" know you want too.......another deposit to the spank thinks:devilish:......yes indeed.....ive been doing pot noodle again
  H22A7 Accord Type R

aye nice thing car and a few other were dirty after the drive over.......doesnt look it on the pics......sorted!
  H22A7 Accord Type R

sorry to dissapoint u matey............its my motor and its the original 16v badge rubbed down and not donkey badged ;)
  clio 20v

cheers for takin the pics mate, pity mine looks filthy! specially the rims its normally much shinier than that

also like to keep my box hidden heh heh

  Clio v6

Nice cars people. Good to see some other meets pics and very smart tidy mods too.

Be proud...
  H22A7 Accord Type R

lol..........lots of sanding down........worth it tho...........makes people wonder lol