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O/S CV Boot Constantly Splitting. Any fixes or accurate reasons?

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I've had 2 CV boots split on the car now.

Both on the O/S and both have leaked the grease all over the wishbones.

I've done a search and found thankfully (kind of) I'm not the only one suffering from this problem.

I don't fancy paying £30 once a month to have it constantly fixed so are there any sure fixes to stop this?

It seems there some part of the engine sitting rather far back and quite close to the boot, i'm thinking maybe that's cutting it some point through turning and going over bumps etc.

Cars due for an MOT this month and it'll fail on it i'm sure so it really needs sorting.

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What make boot are you fitting?

I find the Plastic ones are nastly and do crack.

Ive fitted a fair few "rubber" "stretch ones" and they have been spot on :) QH make them
  421 Cammed 172
What make boot are you fitting?

I find the Plastic ones are nastly and do crack.

Ive fitted a fair few "rubber" "stretch ones" and they have been spot on :) QH make them

Not sure what make it was mate as the garage sourced it. It's shiny black though, not a matt black like the standard ones.

Where can i get a QH one?
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worth making sure you dont fit them with too much air trapped in as this can make them split or blow off the joint with air pressure
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How much do the genuine ones set you back Richy? If you've got an invoice handy that is.
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Where can i get a QH one?
ECP sell them IIRC and probably GSF. I can't really remember, I was hungover, but I think Fred said that to fit the genuine Renault ones to the O/S you have to remove the shaft and it would be cheaper to just buy another driver shaft and have that fitted. Obviously with the rubber stretch boots this wouldn't be necessary.

Have fun getting all the grease off the wheel and arch, f**king horrible stuff.
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Can't find QH ones anywhere.

Euro Car Parts do a Q-Drive one, GSF hadn't got anything on the website.

MOT's expired now so can't drive it for a while either :(

I may give this one a whirl and see how it goes with that as i can't find QH ones.
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QH = Quinton Hazell, they are an aftermarket parts manufacturer. GSF don't do them, and as far as I was aware through work, if you can't get the tight size stretchy boot to fit properly, Renault is the only real option. I'm sure QH do them in many different sizes so maybe measure up your old boot and try and find a matching similar one?
  421 Cammed 172
Need this sorting asap now lads as the MOT is up this week.

I've found this one, but the description is very non-descriptive.

Can't find anywhere else that sells QH ones, the Duraboot PDF on the QH website shows this item code as a universal stretch Duraboot for the renault's but i'm not sure it's for the part of the driveshaft i need to repair.

Any help is appreciated because it really needs fixing with winter fast approaching.

Also is anyone sure on whats causing this? I have a feeling it may be a substandard mount of some kind causing the engine to have excess movement backwards which is cutting the Boots or does everyone suffering with these problems have lowered cars?