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[Oct 20, 2016] West mids go-karting meet. (Stourbridge)

Mr Burns

ClioSport Club Member
  Swift Sport
Cart 11 was deffo slower than no6 but hey ho was great fun.

Will look into tamworth one tomoz see what the crack is

And thanks oil was cold when we come out ill take you for a spin when i see you next
The Tamworth one is meant to be amazing.


ClioSport Club Member
Yeah i was going to get some but was a bit dark.
Nothing wrong with a bit of harmless banter mate. Had a laugh anyway even if it was at antwans expense most of the time haha. Legend.


ClioSport Club Member
Yeah was really good mate.
Best cswm meet for a while and has
Hopefully bought it back to life a bit round here.
Will be another one on the cards im sure
  Clio 182
Haha bring on the next one I've got the blood of Lewis Hamilton running through my veins just need to stop using them brakes and interviews

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ClioSport Club Member
11stone is about right from experience :D
You were quick anyway mate. Done me good and proper a couple of times.
That tamworth place looks really good.
  clio 182 turbo
anywhere tbf ,its nice to get out and about ,I have been in the rs seen for years and that was a good crack still meet up now ,be good to do the same going forward .