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Ode To 197

What though,in solemn silence fall
move round the 197 all
in reasons ear they all proclaim
the williams clio you still reign
or to put it another way....

whos ate all the pies
whos ate all the pies
you fat b*****d
you fat b*****d
you ate all the pies!
  106 GTi

There will a light wieght version coming in the future thats for sure.

when are renault going to bring out a version that people will buy like they did the 172/182? how long do we have to wait for a decent version of the 197? The car will not get any more power and there's not a great deal that can be saved in weight (it's already lighter than the Polo GTi, 207 GTi etc). There could be a stiffer suspension set-up for more track use depending on demand.