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Odyssey blue vs...

  Clio RS ph1
What color rims?!

I'm thinking of refurbing my F1`s but I can`t decide which color; gloss black, anthracite or original silver.

This it`s what my car looks like at the moment.

Examples of blue clio`s with one of the above rimcolors is appriciated or feel free to photoshop some examples:) thnx!



ClioSport Club Member
  RS6+ & 40d MSport X5
High polished silver or white! I miss my Odyssey ph1 :(
  Focius ST
just a qucik photoshop for u

Black/ high power silver


bring back the williams combo pretty bad effort but gives u idea
  Clio RS ph1
Thanks Skatedemonuk! Black looks mean!:evil:
Can you do one more in anthracite please? And maybe shop my mirrors anthracite as well?

I like the orange wheels as well, but don`t see them on my own car. Maybe a set of orange trackwheels in the future!;)
  Renaultsport Clio 182
Silver looks good on the Odysey blue as it's quite a dark colour. dont think black or anthracite would suit it to be honest.

stay away from orange though - that looks awful to me.
  Focius ST
hopefully abit more anthracite for u its a very hard colour to do on photoshop also done ur mirror to match and done the side bullet blue just for fun lol


hope it helps