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Official FCS Pics


ClioSport Admin
  LY 220 Trophy
Nice to see they actually took a pic of mine this year, Who's your passenger Dan? he looks happy
Some of the moving ones are just shocking! Just all blur and not a single inch of cars focused.

I'd be ashamed to call myself a Pro with a lot of these shots.
  DC2 TypeR / E36 328i

Got a sticker on my face!

I like the way my car is copyright protected too :rasp:
  C3 Picasso Beast
Anyone else ordered any and having problems paying with PayPal???

My payment is saying it's unclaimed because from what I understand the payment address isn't registered with PayPal!
  DC2 TypeR / E36 328i
Bit disappointed in this, I left a big gap between me and the car in front hoping he would get an epic shot :(


These guys are no Feirny ;)
  DC2 TypeR / E36 328i
What do we all think about the marketing of the pictures?

A tenner for one picture on a CD? Can't see them getting too many orders
What do we all think about the marketing of the pictures?

A tenner for one picture on a CD? Can't see them getting too many orders

I'd go through the media section and find the threads by Fiery/iPods/Claire etc. PM them and ask for the big sizes and get it printed yourself.

The 'pro' pictures are anything but TBH.
  DC2 TypeR / E36 328i
Anyone that convoyed from Yorkshire: what time did we arrive and go through the gate? I can't remember at all and can't find my car :(
  Clio 200 CUP

Finally found them lol


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ClioSport Club Member
they are pretty pants for the price to be honest, there is 5 pics of my car, most of them completely w**k looks like my gran took them with a disposable camera then took a picture of them with her 2003 nokia camera phone and sent me them. and they expect me to pay £52 for these?! being honest £10 per pic is fine for one picture if its a cracker but they should at least be doing a deal 5 for £30 or something, even thats pants for the quality of the pictures.

i understand these guys need to make a living and it cant be the best job in the world taking 12,00000 car pictures in a day, but results make £££

rant over. heres the best one of mine...
Got two decentish pics of mine:

Do like this one, especially with the RB's in the background:

This rolling one is pretty laughable tbh. Meant to be pro's yeah?!

Not that id buy any of them anyway... I robbed Feirny's rolling shot of mine for free and his one is a million times better ;)