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Official UK Mk2 172s. Traction control

  Clio 1.6 16V

Hi Guys, I received my 2002 MKII in October this year (ordered mid August) from a UK Reno dealer. It has ESP/ASR fitted as standard. I think Reno have started to fit as standard in the last couple of months. They would have appeared to change the options avail on the 172 (eg. Cruise, sunroof options scrapped, fitting ESP as standard) Only options currently available are the Sat Nav & telephone pre-wiring. On mine, there is an ESP switch next to the instrument lighting thumbwheel that disables it (resets after re-sarting). When disabled an orange (skidding car) warning light appears on the instrument cluster. Hope this helps!

Hiya Face,

This one seems a varying commodity. Im have a July reg MK2 UK dealer. It has a switchable TC and ESP, all be it together. From what I have seen of others made this year the imports I have seen do not have the switch. Have no idea whether there is the ESP, however there is deff. TC.

As an example Captnslarty tried my switch in his dash (import with TC,not sure about ESP) and it would not work.

Although this sounds a great thing to have, the TC can be a bit over the top at times and the ESP does work as I have tried lift off oversteer on the same r/bout and it does stop untoward behaviour (within limits).

I would welcome these aids in the winter if U are in the lucky position to choose when the days are dark, damp and leafy.

Anyway be safe and have fun