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oil aditive to make engine tapets quieter

hi guys just wondered if there is something you can put in oil not before draining for next service that can quieten the tappets on the 172 engine cheers guys and gals my service is not due till january next year so i there is soemthing that can be added now that would be great cheers
  Jap Shed
Thanks for that, i was gonna spend £7 on one today!!

my tappets are noisey too, i take it thats normal.
not really mate but i want my car to be mint in everything he he!!! between 2-3 revs when driving a little tapet sound and a bit more obviously when bonnet is up!!! help got to be something
clidge said:
cheers mate what can be done to reduce overall engine noise especially with taps cheers

Is it just at start up or all the time? and what oil are you currently using?