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Oil cooler

Sorry if Im being dumb but can someone please explain how an oil cooler works and also tell me if you have to have your engine taken out to get one fitted.

Thanks in advance


the engine can remain in the car, fitting is straight forward.

An adapter plate goes inbetween the oil filter and the filter housing and 2 pipes come off this.

they go to a small oil radiator mounted at the front in the airflow.

the oil is circulated around the engine and then around the cooler radiator.

  BMW 320d Sport

Spot on from me as well. Mines got a thermostat as well so the oil cooler circuit opens up at 80 degrees. Lets the car warm up properly but then keep the temp rock solid at 90-100 however much punishment you give it.

Couldnt tell you by rows, but its about 6" by 14" roughly.
Nick will know his by rows, think mine may be slightly smaller than his.

Cheers Tonys, have you got a sandwhich plate between the filter and block then?

Im thinking about fitting a cooler and a remote filter head at the same time to make oil changes easier.

Do you have to bleed the cooler like you do an the rad.?

Cheers, Simon

ive got the same cooler as nick and it easly does the job for the cold british weather, it strugeled a bit in italy though

I am pleased with it mate. I got mine cheap but think there bout £100??

Yeah got the sandwich plate, not sure bout bleeding it, ive never done it but never thought of it.

no, you need not bleed the cooler as it is in the main circuit..

it is best to diconnect the coil or igntition if poss to pump up pressure after first fitting it, but not absolutely necessary.


ok sorry for acting thick ere but explain again on how they fit.. and how do u fit it ya self? as u can hardy even get to the oil filter in the first place?

Hiya Ben m8

when you start adding or taking away bits of mr renos creation.. you really need to have a grasp. Often it involves removing something to get at what you want.

sometimes its logical what the item does.. sometimes you need a manual to assist.

If you are not really into the mucky stuff get Nick Hill to fit it.. his rates are excellent.. and on top of that, hes a bloody nice guy who knows more about renos than most of us...

  BMW 320d Sport

Errr mines a 16 row / 235mm width cooler, with 1/2" BSP fittings if thats any help. It was just over £100 including the fitting kit you need - 2 braided hoses with right angle swaged ends, a sandwich plate with built in 80 degree oilstat. Cliosport members get a discount with Think Automotive who distribute all the Mocal coolers. In fact Matthew at Think is a Cliosport member with a 16v.

Anyway, basically you take the old oil filter off and then in its place you put the sandwich plate, which has two threaded take-offs for the hoses. Then the oil filter just screws back down onto the sandwich plate. You may need to get a shorter filter as well. I did but you could probably just about get away with the original. The sandwich plate is at least half an inch thick though.

I mounted my cooler directly to the structural cross-member behind the front bumper so it hangs under this member and directly in front of the radiator, although offset to the drivers side. It doesnt affect radiator airflow at all.

Last job is to connect up the hoses between the sandwich plate and the oil cooler. For this arrangement you will need one length of 1m and one of 1.3m at least. Otherwise youll find its very tight trying to get the hose through the engine bay and down to the cooler.

Definitely the biggest, most noticeable improvement I ever made and cheap for what you get. The lower oil temp also seems to keep the coolant temp down as well, not only does the oil stay below 100, the coolant only ever gets to the 2nd mark at around 1/3 of the way up and only goes higher in slow traffic.

Nick How can I get in contack with Think Automotive as im regually getting to hot in the oil department and is the kit specific to the clio or is it a univerall fit, any info as i really need one having just blown a big end.
  clio williams, Ph1 172

Anyone got any pics of how to fit an oil cooler? Or anyone wanna help me fit one. I could do with some contact details too. Also how do you fit a fan switch?

Think nick said it all.
My alternator was out when i fitted mine so had a bit more room. I got a smaller oil filter too. Can get them for people who need them.
Wouldnt say its the easiest job to do, its like doing a oil change but with less space!

a word of caution..

ONLY fit an oil cooler IF you are running a higher temp than normal.. otherwise you can cause premature wear to the internals of the engine.

If the oil cooler makes the water temps lower than normal (Not sure if thats what ya meant Nick m8 ??) .. then you NEED an oil thermostat in the circuit.

on an ECM / ECU equipped vehicle with fuel injection the coolant sensor will signal an enrichment scalar to the mixture calculation.

simple way of getting a richer mix huh ??.. well no... thats what dastek etc do (As far as I am aware).. and its bloody crude !!! one day, it will get warm.. in the uk this is rare.. but.. ... then all hell can break loose.. (Note.. not on the dastek).. but on an overcooled engine it can be fatal..

sorry If I am teaching grannys to suck eggs here... but you only need an oil cooler IF you NEED it.. ie.. IF the temp of the oil cannot be maintained in the normal manner.

  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah definitely Joe, Id go along with that, get an oil cooler if you need it, otherwise its not necessary. An overcooled engine is just as bad as an overheated one when youre giving it some stick. I drive mine hard and cruising at 125 on my private motorway test track, and B-road thrashing, trackdays especially, the oil would be up at 120+ sometimes up to 150 within a few minutes. Not good.

So mine has an oilstat built into the sandwich plate. That takes care of it and if the oil temp gets lower than 80, it closes the cooler circuit. In practice what it does is the engine warms up just as it usually does but then it just stays at the optimum temp of 90-100. Conveniently, the higher you rev the engine, the faster the oil is pumped through the cooler circuit. Just about as perfect a solution as you can get I reckon.

BTW Whoever it was who wanted the contact details for Think, just look on the members discount page. It should be there! And if youre not a Cliosport member its about time you were.

The 16v engin runs so hot that i cant see a oil cooler doing any harm at all.
My car is pretty much stangard but i have a oil cooler on it. Am i doing something really wrong?