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oil filter wont come off

  clio 1.4RT
hi all,

Ive got an old 98 mk1 phs 1.4rt clio and i am trying to get ht oil filter off.

There isnt a lot of room and if i am right in thinking its still anti clockwise to turn it to get it off. well it wont move!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does look to have been off for some time...either that of cos its at the front of the engine its took the brunt of the weathering.

what sort of filter re moval tool do i need?
  330i. E30 Touring.
Turn it anti-clockwise.

You can buy chain tools, etc.

Pikey method, use a hammer and screwdriver to puncture it, and use the screwdriver to turn it off.
  R5 GTT EFI Clio.
Henrys right, Didnt notice you lived in bristol mate, i will be staying there tonight at my brothers place :p
Or when the cars cold undo it a little bit (not so it pee's the oil out though) warm the car up & then you'll be able to get it off easier.
  Ph1 track 172
BE WARNED, some ph1s have a reusable plastic casing, and you change the paper filter inside,

if this is the case with you, id advise not putting a screw drive through it or youll have to get another outer casing from renault.

however if its the metal kind, hammer away,

or to do it properly, use a rubber oil filter remover,
or a chain one if its plastic.
  clio 1.4RT
if you have a look at the small space whre the filter is you would understand why i carnt get a good grip as my big hands only get in so far and i dont think a screw driver would be easy to do either,
I was asking for filter removal tool recomendations...i re read what i put and didnt make it clear.
  clio 1.4RT
right still wont come off. ive doused the seal in wd40 and left over night....still no luck this morning.
Anyone know of anything else i can do before taking it to a garage???????
Well not really. But they will refer to you as "darling" when you tell them you're to weak to undo the filter lol.

Have you tried putting a strap round it and trying to undo it? I know it's quite tight in there, but it's not impossible. Are you trying from above or below? Below is normally easier. Apart from the fact the filter is quite high up on those. Is it just a black cylinder? If so it may be a cover over a paper filter. Or is is white or blue and have writing on? If it is then screwdriver through it will get it off in a few seconds.

Are you sure it's the filter you're trying to undo?
  clio 1.4RT
LOL i dont mind being called darling if they can get it off.
If i go from below there is sod all room so can only go from above
If definatly a metal filter and not aplastic housing but cos of lack of room i dont think i can get screw driver through it, even if i did i dont think it could turn.

must point out that the filter is a small shallow one i dont think this helps with trying to grip it.

it looks an old type as there is no markings on it and its totally smooth. i.e nothing to attach a hex key or socket on to.
pic's a good idea

tbh, if you've not the room to stab it and turn with a screwdriver, can't see you having enough room to use a strap wrench either
  clio trophy No56
I couldnt get mine off the Trophy by hand and didnt have the tool so i got one of my lasses leather belts, squeezed my arms down, carefull not to go past the elbow or you might get stuck like i nearly did lol. Put the belt around and fastened it as tight as i could they pulled on the excess lenght of the belt, came loose no probs :).
Belt then went in the bin and lass never noticed, haha.