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oil ------- flashing at me!

  R35 GTR
plus the engine wouldnt start for an hour, all power was lost, then we hooked up a new battery, it wouldnt fire.

Took that off, then after about 10 attempts out of no where started up.

But i have oil ------- flashing at me on dash, and service light lit up.:S

Back to renault tomorrow.
  BMW M135i
Oh dear, doesn't look promising after the previous problem with the filter. At least its still under warrenty.


service light will illuminate because of the oil----- indicator. Probably the sensor is knackered (assuming it's got oil in?) but cannot help with the starting issue.
  R35 GTR
I believe it is related to power issue, just waiting to see if anyone else has had this happen when battery is on last legs.

Just got a battery for £23 from halfrauds. :D