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My car has just done 1000 miles and Im thinking of changing the oil.

I feel 12k miles is far too long so im going to do this oil change and then every 6 k miles.

Do you think I should change the oil filter with every change?

Do you lot think im going over the top with all this oil changing as Renault say every 12k miles???



  Shiny red R32

A bit over the top I would say! Surely you wont need a new oil filter after only 1,000 miles!

scott, i agree with you completely about changing oil regularly, but ive read that its better not to be over hasty with the first one as it prevents the engine bedding in properly. I believe the oil from the factory is a mineral oil designed to allow a degree of natural intended wear so that the moving parts bed in properly and work more efficiently together in the long term.... im postponing mine til 4k......... if anyone knows better, please let me know.

  Clio 1.6 16V

I changed my oil and filter at 1500 miles. Was quite shocked how much sh*t came out with that oil. Used Reno filter + Mobil 1 0W40, 1 hour job. Pointless doing an oil change if you dont change the filter IMHO (only costs £6 anyway). I do fairly short journeys so plan to change every 4 to 6 thousand miles.

First oil change is most critical as any running in deposits will be caught up in the filter early on. Especially if you cane the engine from day one

This is purely down to personal opinions at the end of the day!;)