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Omp Subframes To high?

  182 Cup

I have just bought my first 182, it has omp subframes none adjustable, does anyone else use these? I would prefer it to be lower and on a slider so my gf can use the car to as she is struggling atm,

set up is omp subframe, cobra side mounts and cobra suzuka pro seats.

any input is welcome

cheers JP
  LY Megane R26
They do sit high mate as I have them and think they
do, they also sit wonky so the side nearest the handbrake needs packing out an inch or so which might have been done on your car.
As for making them lower you could mount the seat lower on the side-mounts which may need drilling of a few more holes lower down.
And as for runners/sliders yeah they can be bought and they fix between the subframe and side mounts. But im guessing this would add more height as its more metal between the seat and base.

Check out Kam for the runners etc and at the top of the page there is a diagram of where the runners sit.
  182 Cup
Cheers lads, thats the worry I was having, fears have come true lol, where can you get the cobra x low frames for the clio? and can they be used with runners?

Scott been looking at drilling but think where the lap strap comes through will stop the frame rising if you get me!
You can buy them most places tbh cobra direct, demon Tweeks ect

Worth having a read on the forum though as there was some issues with fitments of seats ect

Have a look for a thread started by maynard type in cobra x low sub frames in to search, the thread is on there

(can't copy and paste link sorry )
  LY Megane R26
I don't think they make X-Low frames anymore but don't quote me on that. They can be found on here sometimes tho.

Yeah I have that same problem as I mounted my OMP mounts the wrong way round to get them as low as possible. Now the lap belts don't have much room to move through but there's enough.


ClioSport Club Member
  Evo 5 RS
They're not all that high, unless you are a bit of a bean pole ;). Not that it matters as I don't rate them, as above you have to pack out the inner side or they sit on the piss

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  172 cup, Impreza P1
That would be awesome if I could have a look, I would ideally like to run slider because my missus wants to drive on track to she is quite a bit smaller!

I'll get the drawing to you tomorrow. PM me your email address and let me know if you want it on AutoCAD or a PDF?

I have a slider kit that I was using on my seat originally but wanted the seat lower and never moved the seat position anyway so removed it. I'll get you a pic if you want to buy it?