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On The Hunt For New 172 MK2 Silvers

  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

My documents and everything are finally through for my current car and I am now able to let it go. So if people can help me in finding any clio Mk2 172s in Iceberg silver for immediate delivery/pickup i will be much appreciative. Motorpoint have 9 on order so im hoping to get one of them, but others would improve my chances of getting one soon.

Many thanks

Gaz 2130

I got mine from Trade Sales in Slough, and although they didnt have any on their web site at the time they had some in anyway. I gave them a call, and they phoned me back a few hours later saying they had one. I drove it away 4 days later. They sell the cars so cheap, that their service isnt the best, hence the web site isnt always up to date. It maybe worth giving them a call to check and leaving your details. Details below.

Tel: 0870 1 220 220

Good luck........
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

thanls chogg1000 and daipac, all the ICE is out, my bedroom is like a Panasonic warehouse at the moment!