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Oops, it did it again!

Well, as many of you might know my car died at 2,500 miles in France with fueling/engine management problems and the fix for this was to remove the fuel injector and refit (same part). As you might wonder how this has cured the problem my car has just reached 5,000 miles (another 2,500 miles) and its broken down with engine management problems (same symptoms as before) !!!

Got towed from Warwick to West London last night - not pleased with Renault at the moment.

Grumble grumble - im not having the car if its going to do this every 2,500 miles !!!

Was told last night that it was a engine mamagment issue but checking to manual this morning my Toxic Fume monitoring warning light!!!

What is this for - anyone?
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Hold oh one mo.

Wongy had exactly the same problem twice from a car Leigh supplied him in Romford.

Ahh I hear you say you bought yours from Romford.. Wongy ended up taking his back and getting it changed for another new 172.

Bit weird that !
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

BTW this is not a dig at Leigh as he is a cool guy and not a dig at Renault Romford but maybe they got sent a duff batch of 172s ?

get it changed, but dont get rid of it and throw the towel in on it - remember how much you lurv it ! Really sorry you are having these hassles with it!