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Operating system?

Sorry might seem like a lame question to some.

Ive got my new 27" i7 , love it just getting to grips with it. I play alot of youtube vids and when i tried to play one , it said my Flash player needed to be upgraded , and asked which operating system i'm using.

Ive had a quick scan of the handbook and looked in system preferences , but can't find it.

Which operating system will it be?

and how do i get it to full screen? ive pressed the green + and the screen size is only around the 3rd of the full screen ( on every site )

Any other well kn ow tips to help me along would be great

There's no full screen on a Mac as such, you just have to resize the window to your desired size and it should stay like that from then on.


ClioSport Club Member
  Lazy v8
yeh move the window to the top left... then on the bottom right of the window click and drag it to the size you want... but tbh try it at the size its at... you will get used to it and then you can multitask with other windows open next to it
Thanks lads.

What is the opinion on web browsers? i notice a few of you are on Crome instead of the default Safari or even Firefox , any reasons?

Ok ive DL Crome , how or where do i save my favorites? In bookmark manager? also i want Yahoo as my home page ( bit of news and my email account ) + it doesn't always go to the Yahoo home page , sometimes i have to press the home logo to get to it.

Any help would be great.



ClioSport Club Member
Rhysbartly , ive got a Mac , mate. Also do i need to uninstall Safari?

27" i7 gave that away ;)

i was just saying that chrome is better just not on windows. and no do not un install safari. as far as im aware itunes needs it for the store (im probably mistaken on this though)
  Monaro VXR
chrome is amazing. especially on an older mac when safari begins to slow down.
i would never install chrome on a windows pc though. oh no.

Why not, it's more mature on the windows platform for a start. Mainly due to the extra 12 months they have worked on it.
  Monaro VXR
The thing is with a few tweaks Firefox is just as fast often faster and has far more extensions. Which does make it a better experience. However for people that don't want to get as deep into things. Chrome is a great browser on any platform.

Most people wouldn't even know how to access the proper settings in Firefox for a start.
iMac peeps.

I'm trying to set up bluetooth/streaming to either my Netgear EVA8000 streamer or my PS3 not much joy at the mo.

Which folder should the data i want to stream be in? Downloads or shared?

Any other tips help would be great