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Opinions please on new rims

  A Fcukin Car
Hiya guys n gals,

I am getting rid of the 17's on the Clio and really can't decide what look to go for. I am soooooooooo undecive (sp) and need to make up my mind.

I am thinking maybe

16" Superturismos / 16" 172 cup alloys / 15" Dynamique alloys & doing them black.

Any ideas? I am quite liking the idea of black rims tbh but I just cant decide.

Please help.

Oh an there replacing these on Benson V


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ClioSport Club Member
hmm, id get some 16's them drop it 40mm, will look good then.

go for something different, that will be rare on clios, but black would look good with the blue.


  Flaming Inferno 225
How about Trophy Wheels



or do u want def want black wheels? :)
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  A Fcukin Car
Nah not defo black but was looking at sombody on heres Clio with the balck and it looked mint.

I like the Trophy wheels, not really considered them b4.


  Flaming Inferno 225

Ill try again when i can find a decent size trophy to nick the wheels from :)

Like i said im abit rubbish :(


ClioSport Club Member
hmm, i think white would suit the car if you lowered it, would look quite smart, not seen white on many blue cars...

bet depnds on the alloys you buy!

but definately get something different!


  ST on the way...
Shouldn't have a problem fitting trophy wheels.

Could always get 172 cup wheels though done in anthracite being as they have a narrower offset.
  Leon Cupra R 225

how about some of these tsw catalunyas in 16"s? Slam your car 60mm on coilies and your look mean as fook
  Albi Blue Clio 197
i quite liked your alloys when i saw them in sheffield, i think lowering and maybe refurbing them anthracite would be a better idea.
  E60 diesel powah
defo get some 16s on them! ive had looaaaads of wheels on mine! i think most people agree these wer my best ones..


but id go for lower it 60mm defo! black 172 wheels or some white wheels or..turinis!
  A Fcukin Car
Well I am more confused than ever now :( but cheers for your opinions guys.

Wouldn't white look a bit naff??


  ST on the way...
White could look good but i'm not sure it would suit that particular blue.

Thats wat I thought, plus I would actually have to clean them!!
Cleaning them, yes that would be a problem....for you ;) lol

If it was the cup blue white would look ok I think but the trophy wheels would probably suit yours more.

Mabye someone could do a proper photoshop of them (sorry Gaz lol)