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Optimum Car Wax??

  Dynamique S 138
Where can i get some from?

Currently use P21S every couple of months or so but the OCW seems a lot easier for weekly use
  106 GTi
Great stuff, works well. Ideal for the quick once over, Lasts well, all I use on my daily drive 306.

I get mine from HERE
  RB 182
Fantasic stuff this, got my last lot from Tim at but it seems he's run out at the moment, he may have some though if you give him a shout.
  Dynamique S 138
2 sizes, stupid question but how big is the 17oz and how big is the 1 gallon in ml?
  MK2 Audi TT - 2.0T dsg.
I think the 1 Gal is for US only? but my 17oz one has lasted a long time and has plently left.
  106 GTi
Both sizes HERE

I had the 17oz first now I grab the gallon ones and fill up the origional bottle.

17OZ is the same sizeish as a normal QD bottle maybe a little bigger. A US gallon is about 3 litres