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Orange Clio, Lexus lights, ClioSport sticker - Potteries Way, Hanley.

  172 Cup
Drove past you in the traffic, spotted the ClioSport sticker in the rear side window. Must've been bout half five or something, tonight. I was in the Cup, I think you had a look. :)
  172 Cup
Nah, don't even think it had alloys. Saw another one tho today, Middo, same orange colour, rediculous exhaust, wheel trims, lexus lights, chrome number plate surround and chrome M3 mirrors.

Seriously uncool!
  Chocolate Bar™
aye theres a few about. Theres a clio 'rallye' about too, keep your eye out for that one ;)
  172 Cup
Yea, seen two orange ones today, as i said. I thought the same thing when I saw them tho, didn't know the 1.2/1.4s were available in orange. f**k knows which variant it was - I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to non-RS models. :eek: