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Oreca Group N exhaust - Worth the buck's?

  F4r'd Clio 1.2 16V
Hello just a question which im looking for a few opinions on....

is the Oreca Group N system that ktec do worth the money for the Performance ( if any ) and noise the car is de catted. looking for opinions/suggestions.

many thanks

It's very loud. I bought it. Didn't like it.

Quick startup video, in the cold, when I first got it:
  Phase 2 172 Sport
Vid doesn't work Harpham says its a private album.

I've been thinking of getting 1 of these Oreca systems aswell if i keep my 172 ready for the Ring trip possibly.
  Phase 2 172 Sport
^ Yeah, something like that. There's a few of you in there too, Gray. :eek:

Try this link:

Was my for sale thread for it. That did work when I originally posted it.

Ha ha ha Grays just jealous you didn't send him the dogging link 1st ;) !! Lol

Sounds damn loud, dunno if I could handle that all the time. Deffo going to need to actually grab a ride in somebody's car with 1 of these before I make any purchase.
  Trafic 140dci
I love my Oreca group N exhaust, the car is now for sale, but i am considering splitting it if i can get any interest in the ITB'd engine, cage, exhaust etc. Here is a video of me going up the strait at Snetterton, alot of that is induction noise, but it sounds the dogs IMO.

I'd keep it for my next Clio, but i'll need a custom exhaust for the engine i'm gonna be running ;)

I'm the blue clio BTW, my old shell :)

Also for reference i pass the 103db noise limits at 5k of throttle and pass the 95db noise limit at Nurburgring at 3k of throttle. Isn't as loud as people make out, and tbh around 2-3k goes quite quiet.
It's VERY VERY loud. I bought Harphams and a drive to Anglesey and back left me with ringing ears for 2 days.
My car is stripped so I guess it's quieter with interior - but IMO still way too loud

Fails a 98db limit which most UK tracks run. So I can only run mine at Anglesey at the moment lol

I've had mine chopped and another silencer welded in now and it's very nice. But a lot of money/hassle when other off the shelf exhausts are better
  Cup In bits
Got one fitted with standard cat ATM, its getting louder with more miles and it does your napper in on the motorway, good exhaust though if its not just the sound/look you want which I really couldn't care about as its for my racecar. And K-Tec are a few hundred more than I got mine new ;)
  Italian 3.2 V6
Bloody hell, Not sure I could hack having one then. My non de-cat'd Yozza is easily loud enough for me, I sometimes think it's too loud - maybe I'm getting too old lol! My friend has a Decat Yozza and it's ridiculously loud, never mind a Decat Oreca haha.
As I said a year ago - way too loud. Mine now has an extra silencer fitted and it still does my head in.

The only advantage they have are they are seriously light and fit well - but when you have to cut and weld another silencer in just to protect your long term hearing that kinda outweighs the lightweight advantage lol
  Clio 172 Cup
Got one on my clio with a decat and passed a noise test at Knockhill no bother, well worth the money. After a year and a half of track abuse it's still going strong.
  Cup In bits
Anyone thinking on running one, you really need the oreca decat as its shorter in length and stops you having a cannon stuck out the back like mine which is fitted to the oem cat.