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OS X "must have" Apps

Re: Mac "must have" Apps

What time does it open?
What time is that over here?
How much will the apps cost?
Apple won't even allow piracy/terrorist/bomb apps. So unfair.
How do I download them?

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Re: Mac "must have" Apps

can apps still be installed the old fashioned way as well when you have the store? will have to update mine tonight


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Re: Mac "must have" Apps

I really wish they hadn't released this. I can see my bank account taking a hit.
Re: Mac "must have" Apps

No OS X update when I searched just now :S

EDIT: Gay, only for snow leopard. Can I use my snow leopard from my mini on my macbook, or do apple have a fit over licences?
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  Octavia vRS
Re: Mac "must have" Apps

I can't download anything :( . I click on something, it asks me to enter my ID and password and click "Billing Info", I do that and then nothing.
Re: Mac "must have" Apps

I have all the programs that I need on my Mac so I can do all I currently wish.

I'm still going to end up buying more and more things.


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Re: Mac "must have" Apps

Angry Birds ! £2.99 for a limited time.

Aperture 3 on its way down too. I liked it when i d/l'd the demo a while back (of 2 I think ?) but couldn't even begin to justify the 3 figure price back then.

Damn Apple .. I'm gonna be broke before Feb !!
  Inferno 182 CUP
Re: Mac "must have" Apps

I take it you mean Photoshop, rather than the entire Creative Suite? Photoshop's a different animal to Aperture.
yeah but PS comes within CS doesnt it ...

i hate aperture though its a very basic PS .. except you cant edit half that you want

skin retouching etc etc its s**t for a portrait tog unless all you want to do is curves and exposure


I'm a bit bored. Angry birds and twitter. Everything else I want I had before. Still, it's a much nicer way of getting software.
I agree. Got Twitter and ive forgotten the name but an app for letting you having videos or webpages as your desktop. Probably uses far too much Processor speed but looks cool! :)