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Our V8 Vantage and 182

My old man collected his new car last week, been out in it a few times and its lurvely, the sound is epic! Took a few photos today. Excuse the crap camera phone and the fact i can't take photos for s**t.






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Love the vantage! Aston sound gives me wood.


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oooooo passed one of those on the M62. I listened to him rev it. Then he listened to me. Good times lol


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dont suppose you asked to be on insurance....

my dad wouldnt even put me on my mums ford ka insurance... :dead:
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Whatver all your German Car talk is about, But those DB9s or Aston Martins themselves are just EPIC, i would prefer them to any other car if i could effort one... youre a lucky one mate. keep it safe!