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Outlook Express - Not Working. Help!

  Leon Cupra R 225
Howdy people,

My Outlook Express is playing up, as soon as I open it, it gives me an 'unknown error occurred' box, while checking for messages as it defaults to go straight to my inbox... way it always has done.

And another really annoying thing is that I open a message in my inbox and say for example the email contains links to sites and media etc, nothing happens when I click the link or image.

It's always been fine for years has Outlook but it's suddenly decided to go awol.

Any help much appreciated, Cheers
  RB 182
Re: Outlook Express - F****d up. Help!

The link thing is a protection thing, should be a bit at the top of the message to enable it.

With the unknown error does it give anymore detail?
  Leon Cupra R 225
  Leon Cupra R 225
I have done, but I think I might have sorted it out, I reset all the settings in my web browser and hey presto no more errors and links working in emails again!! :) yay

cheers for the help dude