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Over-revving on 172 on gearchange

Guys et Gals,

Another question....

on the CUP, when you change up over 5K revs, the rev-counter spins wildly up to the limiter. I let my mate drive it today and he races Elises and he agrees with me that it happened to him, no matter how quickly he lifted off the throttle on the change.

Now is this down to the ECU mapping on the fly-by-wire throttle as its the first car ever thats done this to me and I do not remember a demo 172Sport doing this to me??

Responses greatly appreciated,


Im sure that NH mentioned that there is a 750rpm lag on FBW throttle movements but that is no where near the limiter.

i know exactly what you mean mate

our first 172 did this all the time and it seemed there was a pause in the power delivery from say first to secong on a fast gearchange. i dont know if this was due to the engine hitting the limiter or it had a faulty management or ECU but its def did not help with acc hard.the revs would shot round to the liminter even if your foot was off the acc pedal

our second 172 also did the same when first run in so i thought it were normal but now with 1500 miles on the clock the revs die as soon as clutch is engaged and power delivery is immediate on everty gear change,making it very very quick

how many miles has your cup done, maybe there is a safetry protection mode written in the ECU thats stops the engine revving too hard and fast and too liminter belowe 1k miles.

personally see how it goes for a while and since its a cup i assume the milage is still low, dont take it to reno you will only give the grease monkeys there and excuse to take you car out and cane the sh*t out of it

  Renault Laguna Coupe

I get a blip between changes now and again, but I think its just because I have the seat so far forward - makes lifting off the throttle a bit hit and miss.

the air would be heavier then, not the actual oxygen would be displaced by water..... LOL

But seriously, we have not had a prob with this...and if we did, the chinese would be demanding a new car straight away!

also.....i cant thik of anythign bar the FBW throttle or potentiometer goin wrong.

I think its just that the clutch is crap in the 172 (and presumable Cup)

I can change gear, fully list the clutch and plant the accelerator and listen to the clutch slipping. Would love a racing clutch but what the hell.

Dont talk to me about clutches!

Still trying to convince the local dealer that mine slips (last resort = persuade someone to sit in the back and video the rev counter)

This is the first car Ive owned with FBW, and its a pile of poo. The Throttle response is so slow! Ive compensated for delays in response without thinking about it, just hit the throttle a fraction earlier, but because the motor driven throttle takes a fraction longer to close, you do get the revs blip up when u make a fast change. At first it was embarrasing, but I dont care anymore, and in fact keeping the revs up on gear change is a good thing, not bad. I sometimes do full throttle gear changes, but have found that it doesnt make much difference because the revs stay up anyway!