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over revving

just wondered if any1 cud help me i have just had a new gearbox and clutch fitted in my clio 16v and for sum reason it is idling at 1500 rpm does any1 no how to put this right and what could have caused it. and i am having trouble selecting gears now but it feels like the clutch isnt being pressed down enough so i am going to alter that tonite.


Hi, I have a 1.4 rt that had the same problem apart from the gear trouble. Mine would sometimes be ticking over in traffic at 1800 - 2000 rpm, even after a 40 mile trip and the engine nice and warm. I had it serviced and it stopped and then came back, it turned out to be the stepper motor, got that replaced, about 100 quid and now it purrs like a kitten.

chris - could be that the throttle cable hasnt been replaced properly if it was taken off? i read in the haynes manual that it needs to be precisely adjusted if the engine is to idle properly

Do you know whether it has a fly wheel sensor??? Might be this if it has one as it seems strange it only happened when the clutch/gearbox was changed.
  Williams 2, STi N12

Yip, it sounds like it is the sensor in the gearbox that is shafted. Is your speedo still working?? Cause they often go hand in hand.

It is only when you have been driving hardish though, if you take it steady then it will stay at 1K. Also if you are in a jam it will reduce slowly to 1K after about 20mins or so.