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Own up!!!! Who took their 182 to RWS looking like this!!


  White Megane R26 F1 230
Shame on you! lol


Chili Red

ClioSport Club Member
  Mini Cooper S sport
Someone's nicked their centre caps. Black is a b**ch to keep clean anyway, you might as well leave it dirty!
jayxx83 said:
^^^ forget IMO, its the truth ;-)

Well you know how some are with the colour of their cars mate...IMO racing blue is a little in your face and dare is say it 'chav'...:evil:


  White Megane R26 F1 230
jooliona said:
to be fair, most of the cars were covered in dust within a few short hours there today!

Yeah the dust was a b1tch! But I took the pic at 9am sat and it was outside in the car park.. lol