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OZ Ultraleggera 16" Wheel Weight

  Clio 190bhp Hybrid
Had my wheels delivered without the tyres fitted so I could sell on the Hankooks and get some better rubber.

Also allowed me to weight the wheels.

16" in Graphite finish weighed 6.8Kgs each on digital bathroom scales. OZ claim 6.7Kgs so not bad in all.

When I was looking at Turini's, those on the 172 Cup were weighed at 8Kgs each so a nice weight saving.

My tyres were actually heavier, 8.4 Kgs per Eagle F1 in 195/45/16 fitment.

Will get some pics up after I have fitted them. Gonna wax them first to minimise brake dust build up and clean/lube my coilovers and whole wheel arch area whilst taking old wheels off.
  Clio 190bhp Hybrid
jayxx83 said:
How much you pay for just the rims mate?

Got a steal from Halfords as they priced them up wrong at £524 for 16" with Hankook tyres. Toyo upgrade was silly money so bought them with £30 worth of Halfords vouchers i already had and got £500 worth for £450 through staff discount scheme. Sold the Hankooks for £130 so not the rims realy only cost me £350.

They aren't doing the same offer any more but alwys worth looking in Halfords now and then. Think the offer was25 per cent off 16" wheels and above but they had priced them wrong and had to honour the ticket price.

Proper till price is something silly like £700 apparently.

The Graphite are lovely too. Bit of a waiting list for them and they look medium grey when just the wheel but must seem darker once a tyre is mounted.
  Clio 190bhp Hybrid
Probably. Only know of 3 other clios with these or that did have these.

Can't say that about Turini's