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Pagid Blues - road and track review...


ClioSport Club Member
Right then, I've had me some Pagid blues fitted for about 4 weeks now - so how are they?

First off, this problem I had shortly after fitting them was exactly as Ben suggested..."Greening" - and they've been fine ever since.

On the road I found them very surprising for such a track/race orientated pad - the initial bite from either cold or warm is both sharp and consistant, and compares very well with standard Renault OE pads. Beyond that there's not much else to say on their road performance.

Track use? The recent Brands day gave me a chance to give them a proper work-out...experience from last year showed that a standard set-up gave me serious fade, foot to the floor, sh*t your pants moments (I know Ben...I should brake less).

So after last year I fitted Brembo HC discs, Goodridge lines, and Ferodo DS2500 pads to try and address the problem.

The DS2500's had less initial bite from cold than OE pads, but lasted a huge amount longer on track, although 2-3 hard laps round Bedford showed that even they weren't up to the task - still had a nice firm pedal thanks to the lines and fresh fliud, but I got major fade - all my bodyweight and then some on the middle pedal and I could barely pull up in time for the Bank complex.

So on went the Pagid Blues; how did they get on at Brands?

Despite some tortuous sessions where I was trying my best to get them to grumble, they didn't, not once, all day long.

The pressure required to haul up going into Paddock Hill bend didn't vary at all from lap 1 to lap 22, so heel/toe changes need not be sacrificed or screwed up due to increasing middle pedal pressure.

In short, fan-f**king-tastic. If they last as long as Fred promises, they'll work out cheaper than normal Renault pads. ;)

If you're looking for a brake upgrade I really fail to see how there's anything out there that would be an improvement - faultless and highly recommended :D

The final verdict from Mr Richardson...