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Paint & body


I have a 04 sport in black, was wondering how i would go about painting the side strips, front/back bumper to match.

My colour code is 676, is it possible to get this in a rattle/spray can, if so from where, will i need a paint store to mix it for me.

I know renault sell tiny tiny cans for £20 each! as i will need more than 1 can

I fear a bodyshop will charge £££ just for these little bits that need painting.

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It'll cost you from a bodyshop, but it'll be better than anything you're going to achieve yourself with rattle tins, especially on black, which is very easy to get wrong.

Ste King 182

i know loads of people that have got the "maching" colour rattle can and it comes out sooooo different than expected its either too light or too dark ... body shop it or dont bother imo :)


Thanks for fast reply, im skeptical about using cans now, like you saud, to light, to dark

The colour black can be a pain sometimes, has anyone on this forum every had any job such as this from a bodyshop, rough estimates on pricing, wont be cheep i bet
Get a quote ? Im sure they can do a decent job. There is someone on here that does spraying, send it to him and he'll return it