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Paint Protection

Hello everyone

Im from Sydney, Australia, and am just about to pick up our new Monaco Blue Clio Sport from the dealership.

Ive heard that clios have crappy paint quality, which chips, marks and scratches easily.

Im thinking about a semi-permaneant product that I can use from new to protect the paint finish and clear coat, but i dont want to pay $A1000s to have it professionally done.

I think the availability of these types of do-it-yourself products are somewhat more limited than in the UK, but Ive managed to track down an Amazing Glaze kit with Glaze, Microfibre cloths and Speed finish. I believe you can get it in the UK.

Can someone tell me if this is anything like the Diamond Brite product ive seen mentioned in the forums, or whats its like if youve tried it. Is it any good?

Thanks for the help.



I had Diamond Brite applied to my car and I have to say that I wouldnt bother with it next time around. My car is (exactly) a year old now and six months ago I had to wax it because the paintwork started to look matt and dull and the water wasnt beading on it when it rained.

Also my bonnet is covered with stone-chips which the diamond brite was never going to stop anyway !

The only part of it I would have done again is the interior treatment. Driving home with a chinese takeaway a few weeks ago some silly person pulled out in front of me and I had to slam on the brakes. Sweet&Sour sauce everywhere !! To my amazement it wiped straight off the seat without a trace.

Ive never heard of amazing glaze but the marketing blurb says the same as the Diamond Brite leaflet.

If I were you, I would speak to the people who prep the cars at local garage. Rather than pay the garage mega bucks to apply it, see if they will do it for you themselves. I got the whole lot done for £90, thats £40 for the treatment and £50 for the kind valeter to apply it. (at his house).


I wouldnt even bother with this sort of stuff, it is just a gimmick. I worked in the trade as a valeter for 5 long years, and used a whole array of products... I can safely say as long as you clean and polish your car regulaly, you wont have any problems. Try Autoglym super resin polish or Zymol wax (what I use), these should be fine.
BTW: We used to use the diamond brite you refer to (I think it was Lacro who made it). We bought it in at £35 for the kit (polish and shampoo) and used to charge £150 for the service - good mark up, eh!!

its really not that bad. I got a silver one and no probs with paint.......and its an abused car.

i have even side swiped a truck on the Mway (dont as why, it was illegal, but nothing ot do with being under the influence) and to my amazment.....the wind mirror was smashed, the L/F alloy ruined (as in, the metal was split!!!) but the paint along the wing and door was mint! the marks just rubbed off, thank god for those rubber wings!