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paint touch up brush tips?

  silver cup packed FF 182
bought a paint brush pen tube today at renault to touch few little marks up on my bumpers stone chips,what best way of getting the best results? thanks :)
  LY V6 with Recaros
You have to shake it for AAAAAAGES, then just build it up using as little as possible, I think it's best to not use the brush that comes with it too? So I'm told from the bodyshop guys at work.
  106 GTi
I use a very fine 000 or 00 sized artists paint brush rather than the one in the pot.
  Arctic Blue Clio 182
ive use the cocktail stick before for really small chips. Handy wee tool. either that or a small artist type brush
  LY V6 with Recaros
I tried it on my old car and made a right c0ck up of it, had to take it to Citroen and get it all resprayed in the end as I managed to get it all over the black trim aswell!! Never again will I do anything like that myself!!