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Painting Calipers

  172 Cup
Just a quick question i've looked into some yellow hammerite paint for doing my calipers.

However is it best to get the 400ml spray can or one of the tins?

And what will I need quantity wise.
  '02 Clio Sport 172
Here's a litte write up I did (apologies, VW not RS)...

First I picked up a can of Halfords finest brake caliper (HT) paint. Hammerite Smooth is just as good & often available in more colours, not to mention cheaper!

Pop the car up on axel stands ( I did one side at a time ) & drop the wheels.
Grab yourself a nice big wire brush or an attachment for your drill & have at it with the brakes.

NOTE: You will sneeze/cough/spit black if you don't wear a face mask!


I happened to have some painters masking tape lying about but any will do. Mask off everything that you don't want to paint, valves, pipes & disks being the obvious.


It says on the can that the paint is 'touch dry' in 15-20mins. As it was flippin' cold I had to double that & at one stage resorted to placing an electric heater under the wheel archs.

Anyway, I had done a blinding job cleaning up the calipers but had no primer I decided to put a thinish first coat on.


Please excuse my naff camera phone pics. I can assures you the paint is bright red not barbie pink!

Once this was dry (both front & rear) I put the second coat on.



It started too look pretty good, after it had dried I was happy with the finish & voila.



With my filthy wheels back on I think it gave the car the 'right' look!


Probably a bit straight forward to warrant it's own write up, but you never know, might help someone! :cool:
  Golf GTD Mk7
remove them if you can, give them a good spray and it will look and last longer. if you can't do this however, just painting it on is fine. just make sure you prep it first. ie. wire brush, sand paper etc
  172 Cup
Thanks for the response and thanks for the picture guide apprecaite that.

I do actually plan on removing the caliper and doing it properly as my mates helping me. Therefore I was going to get the spray, just not sure if 1 of 400ml is enough!

I will prep it also grabbing some sand paper after work.
  Golf GTD Mk7
depends on how many coats you need to make them look good. For a rough estimate, I used 3 400ml sprays when doing my plenum, lower inlter, TB and fuel rail guard.