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PalmerSport Renault Event...

  Silver Fabia vRS

...was such a good event! I think everyone who went will agree on that fact; well organised and only a few accidents!

For £95 we got an open pit lane from about 5pm till 8pm; combined with a lap in a V6 driven by some nutter, but the highlight for me was the drive in the Clio Cup Race car...these things shift and go where you point them! Sequential gearbox is so easy to use; bang it home when you want to change gear, no clutch full accelerator.

If they organise another one anyone with a 172 or V6 has to go...Ill be smiling for another week yet!

Definitely agree with Geoff... an absolutely fantastic day out and well worth the £95!!

For anyone who may be in need of new tyres Jas and Geoff pointed me in the direction of who do a set of 4 Toyo Proxes for £30 each including VAT and delivery!!!! (for a MK1 on 195/50/R15)

Just ordered some now!!

Wow - what a top afternoon! My face aches from grinning so much.

Even the chap that ran his car into the tyre barrier came out grinning!

Everything was just so good - the only gripe was that the drive in the clio cup didnt last as long as we would have liked - but sh1t do they go like stink or what?

Nice one Renault and Palmersport for such brilliant organisation of the event. Nice to meet a few more members that Ive not met before as well! Oh and even Jonathan Palmer came and said hello.

I learned a lot about the limits of the car too - just how far you can push it before it understeers severely - then lift of into oversteer - brill! You just cant do that safely on the public roads. And boy - the tyres never stopped squealing.

Anyhow I think Ive been bitten by the bug.........

Roll on another Track day

Not one of us lot.....the guy said his brakes went.....

What a relaxed event and so much track time!

Whens then next one ?


It was a bloke in a Black Mk2 and he obviously went into the hairpin (slowing from about 105mph to about 40) too fast, must have left his braking too late, and slid front drivers corner and whole drivers side of the car into the tire barriers..

I would reckon he will need at least new:-

Light Housing
Door Mirror
Rear Pannel
Wheel Arch Liner
Side Panels

+ anything mechanical he damaged...

Nasty but could have been worse!

I just need some new tyres quite urgently, but the Toyos might take a week to arrive, so I might stick the spare on one of the fronts and get the local ATS to put their cheapest pile of crap tire on the other just to make sure I am legal till then as I am borderline at the minute....

On the way down the M1 last night, from the track, was being chased by a 911 who booted it past me when I let him by....he must have being going !50-!60 as I was going !38

Thats power


What can I say that hasnt already been said? Nothing.

Except.. I had a f#@king brilliant time.. loved it all! Weather was even perfect! Cant remember a better day out! 10/10

absolutely brill - everything was soooo good! best bit was definitely the Cliocup car - mental and wonderful and brilliant and .... and .....
Nice to see everybody again too - and meet some new peeps too.
Roll on the next one !!!!!

My tyres definitely felt strange on the way home. Very vague on the straight ahead - the brakes also were a bit dead this morning for the first 10 miles - seem OK now though.

Still grinning
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Still grinning - even more determined that we should have a track day for all the Clios now - and we should do it at Palmersport. Great to meet everyone yesterday too!


Well guys, what a fantastic day out, so much time, open pit lane, and only one guy who stacked his car a bit - but not one of us

The cup racers were mental, and the PalmerSport guys were all a great laugh - "Full Power! - Full Power - Brake - Turn - Full Power!"

What a day out!

So, only question is, when is ClioSport going to sort us all out a track day down there, must be the best track going for newbies and the more experienced as well - Im definately there when the next one happens!

  Renault Laguna Coupe

Ill never forget that bloke who stacked his car into the tyres at the hairpin. He had a look at the damage, removed all the bits that looked like they were going to fall off, hosed the mud off the car and went out on the track again!!


ClioSport Admin
  Maserati Ghibli S

Mental day. Im driving round every bend on 3 wheels now! We will definately try and organise a ClioSport day there, hopefully soon.

I really, really want one of those cup race cars for track day use.

Mark: got an email saying my tyres should be delivered tomorrow, so only a 3 day delivery wait, not a week. Will post back when I get them.

Having checked my tires out this morning in the cold light of day they were totally knackered and clearly illegal.. so I have been down to the local garage and got them to change one of the fronts for a budget £25 tire, and put the spare on the other so I now have a legal car... just waiting for the set of 4 Proxes to arrive so I can take another trip down there to get them all fitted!!

On a positive note I explained what was happening to the blokie and he said he would do me a deal on the fitting

ak_uk: "On the way down the M1 last night, from the track, was being chased by a 911 who booted it past me when I let him by....he must have being going !50-!60 as I was going !38"

Ill second that...I was following the 911 and ak and I had a little high speed pursuit down the M1

The 911 driver looked well peeved!! *LOL*

What a totally awesome day out I managed to get about 70 miles on the track, learnt heaps about the handling of the car (and was mighty impressed at how well it performs straight out the box) and loved the V6 outing. Mind you, I was surprised how close the 172 comes to the V6 on the track, even on the straight. £10k cheaper and a free back seat

As Im sure everyone will agree, the Clio Cup race car was -superb-....I WANT ONE!! Imagine how much fun youd have on the road with it *ahem* It was all a bit of a blur mind....jump out of the bus, 2 manic laps with the instructor shouting over the intercom, then 7 adrenalin-pumped laps with pull, brake, clutch-pull being barked in your ear...then back in the bus! I was sideways everywhere and accidently dropped the box into 1st from 3rd on the straight - my instructor was none too happy, but the car survived!! *LOL* I for one reckon we should try to organise a Clio Cup race car day there with a few hours in the car!!!

After Brands last week (110 track miles) and yesterday, after 2000 miles from new the tyres are almost sh*gged!! One more track day (Goodwood) should see the Contisports fit for the bin Mind you, I was still impressed how well they handled on the track, even when hot!!

Roll on the next event!

Good to see you having fun guys. I did try and make it but apparently I dont own a 172

No responce from Slugger yet. How did you get on?

Did you take the peril on the track K?

Bloody Kids the lot of ya


Top speeds on the long straight? I got:

110+ in 4th, hit limiter then the brakes

118/119 in 5th, hit the BRAKES!

Just realised I filled up with SUL97 @ the track - normally I use Optimax so I think thats why it felt a little slower..


Well hellooooooo there Dave. Was a great day out reeeeeally good. I reckon we should sneak in there and borrow us one of them race cars they are mental

My set of 4 Toyo Proxes T1-S have just arrived here at work... I ordered them on thursday so the turnaround has been brilliant!

£120 for a full set of 4, just got to find some time to sneak out of work later to go get them fitted.

Highly recommend these guys!!

P.S. Jas, I presume yours turned up ?? Are they fitted and performing OK ??


ClioSport Admin
  Maserati Ghibli S

Mark, mine arrived Friday. My current tyres are still ok so Im in no rush to get the Toyos fitted yet! I might keep the current set for another track day!

I had mine fitted over lunch, and they look a treat.

Just have to bed them in for a while before I give my verdict on the quality and feel of the Proxes compared to the standard Michelins which I actually found to be excellent.