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Pc programmes/moving them... help


ClioSport Club Member
Right. Basically I need to put two programmes from my pc on to my notebook. I've lost the cds through moving (although they would probably be pointless as my notebook has to cd drive).

I never use my pc anymore and could really do with these programmes on the notebook. I have tried copying the programme files over to an external drive and then installing then but I've had no luck. I copied them in yi the programme files on the new machine but it won't work.

Is it possible to do it this way or will I have to go out and get the programmes again and a cd drive?

The programmes are reason and wavelab. They were running on xp but the notebooks vista.

Any help appreciated. I know fcuk all about computers.


ClioSport Club Member
Yeah....I had a go on my mates old mac a few weeks ago,Bloody amazing machine.
Can't afford one myself. Just need these programmes so I can do some work when I'm away next month.


ClioSport Club Member
I did have originals but I've lost them through moving house. (a load of stuff went missing)

Can I get the serial numbers from the ones already installed? I would have thought it wouldn't work as they have already been registered?