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PC Sound through HDMI?

When I hook up my laptop to my telly using a HDMI cable, I get picture but no sound.

Any thoughts guys on what I need to do to correct this?

Darren S

ClioSport Club Member
you'll need to hook sound in seperatly from the soundcard to the tv

Not necessarily.

The HDMI port should provide both audio and visual throughput. Like any of the more recent ATi cards (and nVidia should be the same) - after the graphics driver install, it also detects an audio device. The audio driver can be a bit of a b**ch to find though, and usually requires Microsoft's UAA software to be installed as well.



  Focus TDCi
When I use my HDMI cable from my Vista laptop to TV I have to:

- right click on the speaker icon in the taskbar tray
- select playback devices
- change from speakers to SPDIF interface
- click ok

If the software I'm using to play whatever I'm watching or listening to is already open I have to close it and re-open.

Bit of a pain, but it works for me. :)