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PC > TV HDMI Connectivity Question

  BMW e46 320 Ci Sport
Guys, i've just got a new tele. i have a gcard which outputs 1 vga and 1 dvi, on the TV there is 2 hdmi ports 1 vga port.

Whats the best way to connect it ?

or will it make no difference, as i'm pretty sure VGA will still output HD resolutions. Sorry if it's stupid question i'm getting a long cable and want to get the best signal i'm currently thinking DVI > HDMI.
yes there is a huge difference !!!

dvi > hdmi is usually the best but it all depends on the tv alot will not do 1-1 pixel mapping over vga

some will also not do it over vga or hdmi but hdmi will usually support higher resolutions
  BMW e46 320 Ci Sport
ok mate well mines the Sony 40" W series. should be pretty good for iit... i'll go down the DVI route, cheers boys.
  BMW e46 320 Ci Sport
yeah i put vista on a mates machine and had issues with that. fortunately nvidia xp drivers support overscan so hopefully not a problem, appreciated though mate cheers.
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I have a Samsung 32" HD, i connect my PC to it using VGA > VGA.

Media Center looks awesome, HD content looks awesome.

Whichever way you connect it..... VGA > VGA, DVI > HDMI etc etc, its going to look good :cool:
  BMW e46 320 Ci Sport
heh ;) cheers mate. can't wait to sort it out. get winamp running visulalisations in pure 1080p :)
  HyperAlloy Combat Chassis
My projector is connected to my PC with a DVI-HDMI cable, much better than analogue. Make sure you have 1:1 pixel mapping as mentioned already to get the best picture. e.g. my projector has a 1280x720 panel, so I use 1280x720 resolution in windows. You might also have to configure some stuff on the TV as well. Then get the beers out and play some counter strike ;)
  BMW e46 320 Ci Sport
would this 1:1 pixel mapping be an option on the gcard driver software or the tv itself?
  HyperAlloy Combat Chassis
Find out the native res of your TV, then set that res in windows. I also had to set up my projector because it was overscanning by 10% so I lost the 1:1 mapping. I didn't have to fiddle with any drivers or anything since windows just sees it as a standard monitor, not a TV.
  BMW e46 320 Ci Sport
right i get ya, well the resolution will be ther 1080p one so i think i'ts 1920*1080 or something like that. will look into that, nice one mate.
  HyperAlloy Combat Chassis
No problem m8. Once you get it all working, read griffs newsgroup sticky. There's loads of high def movies on the newsgroups that you can use your PC to play. Perfect for showing off to your m8s ;)
  BMW e46 320 Ci Sport
high def movies? er like 35 gigs each? hmmm my 2mb line may take a beating hahaha