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Peacock, Oakerthorpe, Thursday, 21/06?

Hi guys,

Seeing as the weather has improved this week does anybody fancy a meet at the Peacock?

It's been a while and would be nice for us to get together again! :eek:

Say 19:00 onwards?...

1. Gray
  Nissan 350z
Yeah Paul text me about that, but when i told him the registration he said it didnt match but it could be a different plate i guess? The guy who bought it was from Rugby so it wouldnt surprise me if he attended.
What burger is this??! Can we organise a CS vs Food meet?

I have no idea how big it is, but I'M IN!!

EDIT: Just googled it. Piece of piss. Ill be on that wall of fame easy.
James23 think's he can do it easy too.

Out of all of us who tried it over the FCS weekend only Matt W finished it. Mick managed more than I did, I couldn't finish the burger and I can easily eat a large dominos.
Is it timed?

I demolish large Dominos with ease tbh. When I have them, I usually tank mine, then sit staring at Sarah's until she gives up (after about 2 slices) and NOM the rest of her pizza. LOL

I may be a noodle, but I eat a lot ;). I'm well up for the challenge. Should sort a date out and do an Epic Meal Time style video of us all struggling. LOL
  Nissan 350z
Re: Peac**k, Oakerthorpe, Thursday, 21/06?

Who said Kieran pampers to your schedule he has his crew to consult first its all about priorities ;)
The July proposed date is what we are sticking to then? Shame as im on holiday 19th onwards :(

No need to go that far in advance...

What date/s work best for everybody?

Personally I can do any week night between 2nd - 6th of July?
That photo looks amazing Dave. Mouth has just filled with saliva. I best start training for this event. Get a thread up Grayster.

The 4th or 5th should be alright for me I think. Id prefer a Sunday though (or a Saturday that i'm not working). Because awkward bass.
How much did you finish last time, Dave?

I finished most of the burgers, most of the chicken, all of the chilli and bacon. Barely touched the chips or onion rings. We were drinking beer with it which I guess didnt help.

Couldn't move afterwards, woke up the next morning feel like I'd been on an all night bender.


ClioSport Club Member
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I'm so tempted to drive down for the burger meet.

That looks easily doable (famous last words)