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Ph-Quick Idling problem after Plenham change

  Evo VI Tommi Makinen
Hi all,

Just change my inlet plenham for a polished shiny one as per thread in the media section.
I have an intermittent problem now when moving along a low rpm around 1500-2500rpm the car sometime is sticking at those revs when do dip the clutch to come to a stop. if you give the accellerator pedal a gentle dab the revs drop back down to normal idle.
I assume this is the throttle sticking open, however i've took the throttle body off this morning and all looks clean. It was sprayed with degreaser when i changed the plenham as it was dirty. I'm just wondering if it needs lubricating aswell.

Any ideas peeps

mine was doing something similar but at higher revs.. changed a gasket and now its fine.. was a couple of pence from renault.
  Evo VI Tommi Makinen
I have found out it is the throttle (Butterfly Valve) that is sticking. Gonna cake it in WD40 tomorrow to see if it cures it will let everyone know the result.



ClioSport Club Member
have you reconnected the pipe at the back of your tb?

also, for what it costs you might as well replace the metal inlet gasket, leaks are common there as craig found.
It could simply be a piece of grit thats lodged so try blasting with WD40 first.

Also check the TB spring as these become slack with age which stops the throttle body closing properly.

When it revs up, make sure the plastic disc that houses the TB cable is resting on the adjustable gromit on the throttle housing.
  Evo VI Tommi Makinen

Just sprayed a large helping of WD40 into the valve and gave it a nice wipe round and now runs sweet as. Even the accelerator pedal feels smoother.