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Ph1 172 Sounding like a diesel

Hi all,

Once my 172 has warmed up when its idling it is making a sound which makes it sound like a dirty derv, am i right in thinking that its the dephaser pulley??

If not then what could it be?

Was in my local stealers this morning, can get the pulley for £117 but they want £250 to fit it!

They said they will have to change the timing belt to which i replied the belts were done at the beginning of the year :(

I dont want to have to shell out for new belts as the ones that are in it are not even a year old yet, just my jew instincts kicking in! LOL
are they expensive and how long to fit? is it a garage jobby?

Search ''cambelt change'' then add the cost of a dephaser pulley on top. Your talking roughly 5 - 7 hour book time iirc and anything between 4 - 900 quid outlay

Always change the belts. They screw up and its bye bye engine
  S4 Avant
Any one know the long term effects of a clicky dephaser pulley? Other than a deisel sounding engine? I have a loud head at the moment :dapprove: