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Ph1 Black 172 to break or not?

  172 & LCR
I've just picked up a Black X reg PH1 it's been off the road for 3 yrs head stripped also drive shafts off, mileage unknown as battery u/s + harness disconected from engine.
Is it me or is a Black PH1 pretty rare?
My choices are new engine as I don't know why the car was stripped in the first place or break for spares its got an aluminium bonnet standard alloys full stainless system,mint interior so i'm guessing low miles.
No paper work v5 etc.
Any thoughts or advice please.


ClioSport Club Member
  Gentlemans spec 200
They are rare, but you're not going to get a massive premium. If it can be done cheaply get it back on the road, if not, break it.
  172 & LCR
Well if enough people want the bits I'll break but give me some idea how much your willing to pay for the parts as this will be no good if there is no profit in it.
  172 & LCR
Keep the offers coming for parts required, I'll make the my mind up today if I'm breaking it and post in this thread & for sale section.